Monday, 12 March 2012

Decadent Melted Chocolate Pudding - Slow style!

A couple of weeks ago I bought a teeny slow cooker and have been thoroughly enjoying learning the finer points of slow cooking. I love it so much that I've just invested in a bigger model (this 3.5l model from Lakeland Ltd).

As well as lovely stews, I'd heard legend that you can make puddings in one of these, so while I was at Lakeland I also picked up a conveniently sized pyrex bowl to fit inside so I could have a go at a Melted Chocolate Pudding.

This pudding has the decadent chocolate sauce at the bottom of the pudding, but it starts off on the top! I'm sure it must be witchcraft!

You will need -

For the pudding
150g self raising flour
4 tbsp cocoa powder
50g ground almonds
100g dark cooking chocolate
150g caster sugar
175ml milk
50g Flora (melted)
1 egg

For the sauce
150g soft brown sugar
3tbsp cocoa
150ml boiling water

Mix the flour, cocoa, ground almonds, sugar, and the roughly chopped chocolate together.

Mix the egg, milk and Flora together and stir into the dry ingredients.

Spoon into the pyrex bowl.

To make the sauce, mix the sugar and cocoa and add in the boiling water, mixing thoroughly. Spoon over the mixture in the pyrex bowl.

Add a foil top to the bowl and pop into slow cooker.

Pour boiling water into the cooker around the bowl (about half way up the bowl), and cook on 'high' for 2 hours until firmish on the top. (a skewer should come out almost clean - it should still be a bit sticky at the bottom and the sauce at the very bottom will be nice and runny!)

If you don't have a slow cooker you can cook it at 180C (160C fan) for 20mins and for another 10mins at 170C (150C fan).

It is possible to turn out the pudding, but to be honest I dug straight in with a spoon to serve it! It's quite weird how the sauce seems to magically migrate to the bottom of the bowl... I have no idea how, it's just a wonderful mystery!

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