Saturday, 14 January 2012

English Chocolate Brownies

These quick to make brownies have that classic squishy inside but are more spongy and less dense than the typical US brownie recipe.

It uses a melting method with chocolate and flora rather than just using cocoa so are extra yummy!

You will need -
2oz chocolate (I didn't quite have enough as today is grocery delivery day so replaced about a tbsp of flour with cocoa to bump up the chocolate ratio!)
3oz Flora
4oz golden caster sugar
4oz self raising flour
2 medium free range eggs
Optional - small handful of chopped nuts/choc chips.

Melt the chocolate and flora together over hot water. (I use a pyrex jug in a saucepan of water as there is less chance of the water splashing into the chocolate)

Add to the eggs and sugar and mix well.

Mix in the rest of the ingredients and pour into a 7" tin (I used silicone of course!)

Bake for 25mins at 175C until the top just comes back up when you press it gently. Don't over-do it, there's nothing worse than a dry and chewy brownie!

I sprinkled a bit of icing sugar over for a quick finish but you could add your favourite topping too.

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