Sunday, 22 January 2012

Shrove Tuesday - Summer Fruits Pancakes

Most years I forget all about Shrove Tuesday and end up having a panic-pancake on the Wednesday, but not this year! I'm fully prepared and have even heroically trialled some pancake recipes so you can be too!  First up is the basic recipe plus a delicious but quick and easy fruity topping!

You will need - 
100g plain flour
pinch of salt
1 egg
250ml milk
1tbsp sunflower oil
Oil for frying

Put the flour and the salt into a bowl. Add the egg and milk and whisk to a smooth batter - you are looking for a nice bubbly surface as this shows you have lots of air in the batter.

Add the oil and mix again.

Let the batter stand for at least half an hour to let the gluten expand (my Nanny Joan always said it was best if the sun saw it... not sure what you do in the evening tho!).

Heat a tiny bit of oil in a pan until it's smoking. Add enough mixture to thinly cover the bottom of the pan.

Cook for a few seconds until the top starts to bubble and then turn (there's no tossing in this house as there is always a pair of hungry hounds waiting to intercept any stray pancakes!).

If you are a conventional sort, serve with lemon or orange juice and a sprinkling of sugar or try this....

Summer Fruits Pancakes

You will need -
Frozen Summer Fruits (about 100g per person) Mine came from Morrissons and had a lovely mix of fruit - sadly I don't have any left over from the garden this year -  it was all made into jam months ago!

Defrost the fruit in the microwave. Sprinkle a little sugar over to taste and heat on high for about 30 secs to heat through.

Fold the berries into the pancake and top off with ice-cream (I'm reliably informed I created quenelles using hot dessert spoons to shape the ice-cream!) and a sprinkling of flake!

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