Monday, 2 January 2012

Quick and Easy Cheese Straws

Another ingredient that will inevitably be haunting you after Christmas is the traditional cheese platter. After munching through countless crackers, something different, but still worthy of showing off to your visitors, to use up the leftovers is always welcome!

You will need
4-6 oz of cheese (hard enough to grate) - I used regular mature cheddar and a bit of red leicester.
Ready rolled shortcrust pastry - I use a light version! (or you may have some leftover from making mince pies)
1-2tsp of mustard (hot), if you have milder mustard you might need a bit more.
1tsp paprika

Unfurl the ready-rolled pastry and spread the mustard over with a knife.

Grate most of your cheese over the top. Save a bit for later! Sprinkle with a little paprika.

Scrunch up the pastry and kneed to mix the cheese thoroughly through the mix.

Roll out using a pinch of flour to stop it sticking your surface and pin.

Sprinkle the rest of the cheese over and lightly squish it in so it doesn't drop off.

Slice into inch strips and twist each strip. Sprinkle with the rest of the paprika.

Bake for about 10mins at 180C.

These straws are simply yummy and look good enough to offer up for a post festive-season gathering! I like to nuke the cold ones for a few seconds in the microwave as they are super-delicious when hot!

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