Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Easter Devils Bundt Cake

With Easter products hitting the stores earlier and earlier (I think my local shop had then out on Boxing Day!) it's tempting to start planning Easter baking right now! I'd set my heart of making my first ever Bundt for my Easter cake and after picking up a silicone Bundt pan on ebay I thought I should have a trial run in case it all went Pete Tong. I had visions of slaving over a hot-oven only for it to get stuck in the pan, so better safe than sorry I decided to try my favourite Devils Food Cake recipe to see if it was doable!

Before adding the mixture I greased the mould VERY thoroughly and dusted the inside with a little flour. Once cooked (it took a little longer than usual as the pan was much deeper) I was pleasantly surprised how easily it came out... First I inverted the centre part so it was sticking out and then turned the mould over onto a plate! And voila... One intact Bundt!

I finished it off with a chocolate ganache (using cooking milk chocolate) and couldn't resist topping it off with the mini-eggs that should have been destined for the ACTUAL Easter cake!

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