Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Not Many Cherries Cake

This cake came about when I had a good rummage through the baking shelf of my larder. I found some ground almonds and some glace cherries , left over from making my Christmas pud.
The result a cherry cake with not many cherries, that still tasted yummy!

What you need

A deep 7 inch cake tin greased and floured
Glace cherries- as many as you can lay your hands on! Preferably 5oz, I had only 2oz
8oz self raising flour
2oz ground almonds
1.5 level teaspoons baking powder
7oz butter or flora
7oz caster sugar
4 large eggs

Cut cherries into halves , rinse excess sugar off , and dry with kitchen towel
Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl, then add cherries.
Turn mixture into prepared tin, cook at 150 degrees for 50 mins-1 hr until well risen, golden and firm to touch.

Then cool,slice and enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. I can personally vouch for this one, it was DIVINE - especially yummy as it was still warm! AKA Bakewell tart cake as it tasted like one! Thanks for letting me have some x