Saturday, 11 February 2012

Pinkish Valentines Cakes

Valentine's is as good a reason as any to knock up some yummy cakes and with the prospect of some new silicone moulds in cute heart shapes it's too tempting not to have a go!

After a couple of not-so-successful attempts at a Red Velvet cake I decide to lower my sights and go for a all together pinker pudding.

First I took my favourite Madeleine sponge recipe and after mixing thoroughly I added about 10 drops of Dr Oetker red food colouring until I got a decidedly pinky shade. The mix was added to a heart sandwich tin and some well greased and floured and very cute heart cupcake moulds.

After baking they definitely had a pinkish tinge, but if I'm honest I think my super-fresh and amazingly coloured eggs from my lovely hens were working against me!

So undeterred, the only option was to go full-on pink with some pretty pink icing. Add water slowly to icing sugar mixing thoroughly. When it's very nearly as runny as you want it (just runny enough to run over the top of your cakes) then add a few drops of the red food colouring. Take it slowly or you'll end up with something better suited to a Halloween cake!

Then simply spoon over your cakes and add some fun sweets or cherries to top them off!

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